PIK-Remont is the largest development company that has been operating in Russia since 1994. For the last five months, I have been part of this team, which develops web and mobile applications for this company. During these five months, I created designs and prototypes for the mobile client application, landing page for web and mobile devices and also helped to improve the internal interface for managers and administrators.

Client App

PIK-Remont Client App is an application in which customers find repair contractors for their apartments and houses. I was responsible for both – logic creation and visual design, prototyping, and quality control of development. Totally more than 110 screens were created and fully organized in Figma as components with variants and auto layouts. You can see the most basic screens below.

Onboarding, registration and login screens

First empty screen, Contacts, and Profile Page with some internal pages.

Creating the object, billing and editing object

Creating the project for object

Final Home Screen, Detail Page of the Object and Signing the contract screens

Project acceptance and feedback screens

You can see all the screens in full in the Firma by clicking on this link.​​​​​​​


And all those screens were fully linked and animated in Figma.
You can try the prototype below.

Other works for Pik-Remont

Landing page. Web, tablet, mobile.

Full versions you can see in Figma as well and all of those screens also were fully linked and animated in Figma.
You can try the prototype of this Landing Page:

Updated brand book and guidelines